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  1. Introductory notes — see also: The Notion of Democracy and Human Rights
  2. What really led to War
  3. The Military Conflict: Separating Fact from Fiction
  4. The Error of Xerxes: The Burning of Athens
  5. The “West” battling against the “Mysticism” of “the East”
  6. The Portrayal of Iranians and Greeks
  7. A Note on the Iranian Women in Antiquity
  8. “Good” versus “Evil”
  9. Bibliography
  10. ترجمه مقاله کاوه فرخ به فارسی توسط غزال خاكسارى: فیلم 300: افسانه یا واقعیت

More articles on the “300” movies:

       The “Alexander” Movie



The “Middle East” Myth

Classical Eurocentricism

     Articles by the Shahrbaraz Blog (in Persian)

The Writings of the late Amir Mehdi Badi -امیر مهدی بدیع- against Classical Eurocentrist Historiography – NOTE: Mehdi Badi exposes the faults with the Herodotus-style of reasoning with respect to historical events by Classical sources and like-minded modern historians (in Persian)

Racialism and Neo-Orientalism


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Kaldar cave in Iran estimated to date over 63,000 years

The report “Kaldar cave in Iran estimated to date over 63,000 years” was originally published in the Tehran Times on June 23, 2020. The version below has been slightly edited from the original publication. ===================================================================================== Nearly one decade of archaeological surveys at Kaldar cave has concluded that parts of this western Iranian shelter date more […]

Spectacular tomb of Sarmatian Warrior Woman Discovered in Russia

The article “Spectacular tomb of Sarmatian Warrior woman found in Russia” written by Mihai Andrei was posted in the ZME Science venue on August 18th, 2015. Kindly note that the article fails to mention the Iranian connection of the Amazons as well as the Scythians and Sarmatians/Alans. For the Iranian Iranian identity of the Scythians, Sarmatians […]

Petroglyphs hold clues to 14,000 years of human life in Iran

The report “Petroglyphs hold clues to 14,000 years of human life in Iran” first appeared in the Tehran Times on April 27, 2020. Kindly note that the version printed below has been edited in Readers may also be interested in the following resources (click link or image underneath the link): Ancient Iran: Neolithic to […]

International Community Celebrates the Iranian Poet Sa’adi

The article “International Community Celebrates SA’ADI an Iranian Poet” was originally written by Dr. Mohammad Ala for the OpEd News outlet on May 27, 2020. Dr. Mohammad Ala, is the winner of  the 2019 Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine Creativity Award, the 2019 World Wildlife Film Award, the 2018 Cinema Vérité Award, the 2018 Panda Award and the 2013 Grand Prix Film Italia […]

The Sassanian Game-board of ‘Hashtpay’

The article below is written by Antonio Panaino and originally posted in the CAIS website hosted by Shapour Suren-Pahlav in London, England. Readers are also encouraged to consult/click the link “The Sassanian Era” (or click image below …) ======================================================================= Name of a game from the Sassanian era which has not been precisely identified. The haštpay […]

Mithradates VI Eupador

The article below by Brian McGing: Mithradates VI “Eupador” of the Pontus Kingdomwas originally posted in the Encyclopedia Iranica. Kindly note that the images, videos and accompanying descriptions below do not appear in the Encyclopedia Iranica original version. See also Kaveh Farrokh article: Eastern Anatolia: Heir to an Irano-Greek legacy ========================================================================= Mithradates VI Eupator Dionysos (r. […]

Archaeologists Discover 2500 Year-old Achaemenid Military Base in Northern Israel

The article “Archaeologists May Have Found 2,500-year-old Persian Military Base in Northern Israel” written by Phillipe Bohstrom was originally published on December 23, 2018 in Haaretz. Excepting images that appear in the original Haaretz publication, all other images and accompanying captions are unique to the version printed below (and do not appear in Haaretz). Kindly […]

Sassanian Inscription Unearthed in Ancient Iran Necropolis Being Deciphered

The article “Sassanian Inscription Unearthed In Ancient Iran Necropolis Being Deciphered” was posted on Radio Farda (as reported by British-Iranian journalist Maryam Sinaiee) on March 28, 2020. Kindly note that the version printed below has been edited with two of the images (and accompanying captions) not appearing in the original Radio Farda report. = = […]

Shahr e Sokhta yields Rare 4000 year old Relics

The article “Shahr e Sokhta yields rare 4000 year old relics” was reported in Payvand News on December 28, 2018. Readers are also referred to the articles below (pertaining to Shahr e Sokhta or “Burnt City”) in archived in the section entitled “The Pre-Achaemenid Era“: World’s oldest known artificial eye World’s oldest Backgammon game? […]

UNESCO: The Parthian Fortresses of Nysa

The article “Parthian Fortresses of Nysa” was originally posted by UNESCO. The photographs inserted below are from the venue, with the descriptive captions and map of the Parthian Empire provided by The version printed below has also been slightly edited. ==================================================== Nisa was the capital of the Parthian Empire, which dominated this region […]

Babak Khorramdin – The Freedom Fighter of Persia

The article “Babak Khorramdin – The Freedom Fighter of Persia” written by Mahbod Khanbolouki was originally published in the Ancient Origins venue on January 21, 2015. The version printed below has been slightly edited. Readers interested in this topic can also read and download the below article as well: Farrokh, K. (2014). An Overview of […]


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