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The site of Pasargardae

Pasargardae is the site of the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire (). Founded by Cyrus the Great (575-530 BC).  The term “Pasargardae” is generally believed to be the Greek phonological derivation of the Old Persian term Pathragada, which may have meant “Camp of the Persians” but this is no longer agreed upon by all […]

An overview of Bisotun

The Bisotun site in Iran is approximately 30-32 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Kermanshah. The site is well known mainly because it is where Darius the Great () inscribed his declaration of victory over rivals, notably the pretender to the Achaemenid throne, Gaumata. The sire is of special interest as its panel […]

Kaveh Farrokh’s Book cited by US Independent Book Publishers

Kaveh Farrokh’s book, “Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War” was awarded as the Best History Book of 2008 in London on October 31st, 2008 by the WAALM Society’s Persian Golden Lioness Awards – cited also in BBC Persian. The second printing of Shadows in the Desert featured the WAALM Persian Golden Lioness Award […]

“Best History Book of 2008” Award

The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media (WAALM) supports, develops and promotes the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, inspires practitioners, and benefits the public, by means of awarding events. The award for “Best History Book of 2008” […]