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Iranian-speaking Jewish Peoples of the Caucasus

The article below originally appeared in the Jewish Encyclopedia in 1906 and is available (unedited and full text) on-line. Despite the article’s age, it remains a valuable resource for scholars and laypersons interested in the legacy of Caucasian Jews, many of whom continue to speak Persian and other Iranian dialects. Kindly note that excepting the […]

Photo Portraits of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds

Below are a number of photographs that were displayed by French photographer Eric Lafforgue who traveled to refugee camps near the town of Erbil in northern Iraq. For more on the Kurds and their Iranian culture and identity consult the following article by Professor Garnik Asatrian (Chair, Iranian Studies Department, Yerevan State University; Editor, “Iran […]

V. I. Abaev and H. W. Bailey: The Alans

This article on the Iranian speaking Alans by V. I. Abaev and H. W. Bailey first appeared in the Encyclopedia Iranica on December 15, 1984. The Alans were an ancient Iranian tribe of the northern (Scythian, Saka, Sarmatian, Massagete) group, known to classical writers from the first centuries CE. Kindly note that a number of pictures displayed in the […]

Anahita: The Deity of Water, Fertility, Healing and Wisdom

The article below by Shapour Suren-Pahlav titled “Anahita: The Deity of Water, Fertility, Healing and Wisdom” was posted originally in the London-based  CAIS website. Kindly note that a number of pictures displayed in the article below are from Kaveh Farrokh’s lectures at the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Studies Division , Stanford University’s WAIS 2006 Critical World Problems Conference Presentations on […]

Ancient Dams at Pasargadae

The site of Pasargadae in Iran is host to the tomb of Cyrus the Great and is also the site of the ancient Persian Gardens known as Paridaeza (Paradise). The term “Paridaeza” (which roughly means “enclosed encampment” in ancient Median) has linguistic relations with the Indo-European term “Perimeter“. There are reports of yet another interesting […]