Sassanian Empire in Maps

Sassanian Architecture & Sites


     Wall of Gorgan -دیوار گرگان


      Takht e Soleiman (Shiz)-تخت سليمان


      Salmas – سلماس


       The Castle of Sarvistan-كاخ سروستان         


       Taghe Bostan – طاق بستان      

       Sassanian Vaults-طاقهای ساسانی

      Persian Gulf-خلیج فارس

      Sassanian sites in Northern Iraq

For Sassanian Military Architecture see Sassanian Fortifications

For Sassanian Architectural and Artistic Legacy on Islamic Civilization see Iran’s Legacy in Islamic and Arabian Civilizations

Sassanian Music 

Sassanian Society and Culture

Drafsh e Kaviani

Persis before the rise of the Sassanians

The Early to Middle Era Sassanians

Sassanian Monarchs (early 3rd century CE to 5th century CE)

The Late and Post-Sassanians

     Works of Parvaneh Pourshariati on the Fall of Sassanians

Post-Sassanian sites

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Contemporary Artists Reviving the Sassanians