Military Organization, Elite Units, Troops, Tactics & Jousting


Battle of Carrhae (53 BCE)

Parthian Martial Music & Training

Armaments & Tactics



  • David S. Potter (2004). The Roman Empire at Bay: 180-395 AD (Click Picture for details)

Rome at Bay

  • Rose Mary Sheldon (2010): Rome’s Wars in Parthia: Blood in the Sand (Click Picture for details)

  • Gareth Sampson (2008): Defeat of Rome in The East: Crassus, the Parthians, and the Disastrous Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC (Click Picture for details)

  • کمانداران پارت/ نگارش: هوشنگ عامریHoushang Ameri: Parthian Archers(in Persian)(Click Picture for details)

  Historical Novels

  • Ben Kane (2009). The Forgotten Legion [Topic: Crassus vs. Surena] (Click Picture for details).

  • Peter Darman (2011). The Parthian (Click Picture for details)

  • سردار ایرانی که کراسوس را به زانو درآورد /نگارش: کریم علیزاده- Karim Alizadeh: Surena: The Iranian Commander who Forced Crassus to Kneel before Him (in Persian) (Click Picture for details)

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