Overview of the Armies of Iran 700-1899

Babak Khorramdin-بابک خرمدین- and Maziyar -مازیار-

Dailamites–ديلميان –

Jalal e Din khwarazmshah Mankoberny and the Mongol Occupation

Hassan Sabbah

Medieval era prior to and Contemporary to the Safavids

The Safavids

Safavid Armies in Battles against Ottoman Forces

          Safavid Military Equipment

Nader Shah and the Afsharids

Karim Khan Zand and the Zands (new link)

The Qajars

        Recommended Books

Post-Islamic Military Literature

  • کمانداری و تیراندازی در ادبیّات فارسی-بررسی های تاریخی ، خرداد و تیر 1350 – شماره 32–Abo-ol-Ghassem Jenati (1972). Archery and Firearms in Persian Literature. Baresihaye Tarikhi, Number 32, pp. 114-134, 242-300. See these in Part 1 (pdf) and Part 2 (pdf) (in Persian).

Books & Articles by Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani: Firearms, Martial Arts and Fighting with Traditional Weapons