Arab Documents testifying to Iranian Ownership of 3 Persian Gulf Islands

شهادت نامه های شیوخ عرب بر حقانیت ایران بر جزایر اربعه خلیج فارس- از۱۲۶۶ شمسی

Below are documents posted by the محکستان– [Mahakestan] website providing documentation of Arab leaders acknowledging Iran’s historical claims to the three Islands of the Persian Gulf (dated to 1850). These documents/pages are posted below (click on each to Enlarge):


2-PG-Islands-1850 3-PG-Islands-1850

[Click on each Page above to Enlarge] Statements made by Arabian Sheikhs of the Persian Gulf attesting to Iran’s historical claims to the three Persian Gulf Islands (Source:  محکستان– [Mahakestan]).


Saudi Arabian Map of 1952 displaying the correct name for the Persian Gulf.

For readers interested in the legacy of Iran in the Persian Gulf, kindly consult: Iran and the Persian Gulf

Arab Map of 1935[Click to Enlarge] “Bahr-e Faris” (Persian Gulf) as depicted on the above map titled “Persian Government and Arab Conquests” in the Arabian textbook of 1935, “Political History of Islam” by Dr. H. Ibrahim Hasan, Cairo, Egypt, Published by Hejazi Printing House (Picture Source: Dr. David N. Rahni, “Hot Water”, December 10, 2004,