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M. L. Chaumont: Greek Historian Arrian (2nd century CE)

The article below by M. L. Chaumont on the Greek historian Arrian (2nd century CE) was originally published in the Encyclopedia Iranica on December 15, 1986 and last updated on August 15, 2011. This article is available in print (Vol. II, Fasc. 5, pp. 523-524). Kindly note that the pictures and accompanying captions below do […]

A Short History of the F-4 Fighter-Bomber in the Iranian Air Force

The article below on the Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom II Fighter-Bomber was originally posted in the IIAF website. Excepting one photo, all other photographs posted below are from miscellaneous sources. Kindly note that the captions/descriptions for each of the photographs are not featured in the IIAF article on the F-4 Phantom II. ============================== The […]

Chess: Iranian or Indian Invention?

The article below has been edited by Shapour Suren-Pahlav of the CAIS website in London. As noted by Suren-Pahlav: “Large portion of this essay has been excerpted from “The Origin of Chess; Some Facts to Think About” by Ricardo Calvo, 1996.” ============================ The Origin of Chess Chess is one of humanities popular pastimes and has […]

John Palmer: Zoroaster – Forgotten Prophet of the one God

The article below by John Palmer “Zoroaster – forgotten prophet of the one God” first appeared in The Guardian on July 13, 2010. John Palmer is a former European editor of the Guardian and former political director of the European Policy Centre. He is visiting practitioner fellow at Sussex University’s European Institute and a member […]