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University of Cambridge: The 11th Islamic Manuscript Conference (2016)

The following academic event news has been forwarded by Armin Yavari to Kavehfarrokh.com ======================================================================== CALL FOR PAPERS | THE ISLAMIC MANUSCRIPT ASSOCIATION SUFISM AND ISLAMIC MANUSCRIPT CULTURE – THE ELEVENTH ISLAMIC MANUSCRIPT CONFERENCE Hosted by the University of Cambridge, UK, 13–15 September 2016 ***CFP Deadline: 23 November 2015*** Sufis have written litanies, panegyrics, didactic works […]

Farrokh article in New Book by Brill Publications: “Studies on Iran and The Caucasus (In Honour of Garnik Asatrian)”

Brill Publications in Leiden, which is a major international academic venue for scholarly works, has just published a seminal book entitled: Studies on Iran and The Caucasus (In Honour of Garnik Asatrian), Leiden: Brill, 2015 The book has been edited by Uwe Bläsing, University of Leiden, Victoria Arakelova, Yerevan State University and Matthias Weinreich, along  with […]

Israel Post Issues Cyrus Declaration Stamp

The article below entitled “Israel features Cyrus Declaration, several nations honor Magna Carta” appeared in the Linn’s Stamp News and Insights website on May 15, 2015. Kindly note that the pictures and accompanying captions seen below did not appear in the original Linn’s Stamp News and Insights article. ======================================== Recent stamps commemorate two historic charters: the […]

Mehrdad Fakour: Achaemenid Gardens

The article below by Mehrdad Fakour on the Achaemenid Gardens was originally posted in the CAIS website in London hosted by Shapour Suren-Pahlav. A number of pictures posted below are not featured in the original CAIS posting ========================== Since the first millenium B.C.E., the garden has been an integral part of Persian architecture, be it […]

M. L. Chaumont: Greek Historian Arrian (2nd century CE)

The article below by M. L. Chaumont on the Greek historian Arrian (2nd century CE) was originally published in the Encyclopedia Iranica on December 15, 1986 and last updated on August 15, 2011. This article is available in print (Vol. II, Fasc. 5, pp. 523-524). Kindly note that the pictures and accompanying captions below do […]