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Photos of Old Zanjan

The photos graphs below provide rare glimpses into the city of Zanjan, which is the provincial capital of Zanjan province in northwest Iran. Exact dating of these photos however is challenging as the sources accessed provide no specific dates. The first official major of Zanjan, Haj Ali Akbar Tofighi (1872-1945) (Source: Public Domain). A rare photo […]

Photographs from Ancient Kahib, Daghestan in the Caucasus

The photographs below of ancient Kahib in Daghestan were forwarded by Guseyn Guseynov to Kavehfarrokh.com on March 1, 2015. Additional photographs of Kahib will be posted in October 2015. Ancient Mountain Village: Overview The below photographs are of the ancient mountain village at Kahib, Daghestan in the Caucasus. A view of the ancient village of Kahib, […]

Sassanian Relief at Salmas (ancient Shapur)

Salmas (ancient Shapur) in Iran’s West Azerbaijan province is an ancient heritage settlement. Notable are the ties of the Sassanian rock reliefs of the Khantakhti region of Salmas: these depict Shapur I (r. 240-270 CE) and his father Ardashir I Babakan (r. 224-242 CE), the founder of the Sassanian dynasty (224-651 CE). Khantakhti is located approximately 15 kilometres […]

Iranian Tribal Women in Shooting and Horseback Riding Competitions

The photographs below are from a national Olympiad in Iran between different tribal elements with respect to horseback riding, sharpshooting, and other various athletic skills. Most of these can be found here: (۱۳۹۳/۱/۲۳) دومین المپیاد فرهنگی ورزشی ملی عشایر ایران به میزبانی شهرستان فریدونشهر اصفهان برگزار شد [The Second Cultural National Nomads/Tribes Sports Olympiad hosted by […]

Lev Nussimbaum: from Eastern European Jew to Caucasian Muslim Prince extraordinaire

The article below by Valeriya Nakshun has been reprinted with the permission of Bekhrad Joobin, the editor of the Reorientmag website. ================================== Since the widespread Rachel Dolezal scandal, which involved an American woman claiming to be of African-American descent, discussions about cultural and ethnic appropriation have become increasingly heated and reconsidered. As controversial as the […]