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Viking-era Sassanian and Arab-Sassanian Silver Coins Found in Sweden

The posting below “Discovery of Viking-Era Sasanian and Arab-Sasanian Coins in Sweden” was originally posted in the CAIS venue hosted by Shapour Suren-Pahlav. ========================================== Swedish archaeologists say they have uncovered a horde of Viking-era silver coins near Stockholm’s Arlanda international airport in the country’s Uppland region. Swedish National Heritage Board (SNHB), announced the find as about 450 […]

Additional Images from Kahib in Daghestan

In a follow-up to the article “Photographs from Ancient Kahib, Daghestan in the Caucasus” (April 2015), four additional images of Kahib by Gebek Gebekov have been forwarded by Guseyn Guseynov to Kavehfarrokh.com. The April 2015 on Kahib had featured photographs provided by Guseyn Guseynov to Kavehfarrokh.com. Spiral motifs along with what appear to ram-type animals; […]

2500-Year Old Achaemenid Persian Palace Found In Turkey

The article “2500-Year Old Achaemenid Persian Palace Possibly Found In Turkey” was originally posted on the Turkish Daily Sabah News Agency on September 6, 2018. The report published below is a subsequent version by Dattatreya Mandal on the Realm of History website on September 10, 2018. Kindly note that the head of the excavations alluded […]

Article on Sassanian Archery in RAMA Journal

The prestigious and academically peer-reviewed military journal, RAMA (Revista de Artes Marciales Asiáticas) has published the following article by Kaveh Farrokh, Manouchehr M. Khorasani and Bede Dwyer (click link below to download from Academia.edu): Farrokh, K., Khorasani, M. M., & Dwyer, B. (2018). Depictions of archery in Sassanian silver plates and their relationship to warfare, […]

Article on Persian Heritage journal publishes article on links between Germania and ancient Iranian Peoples

The Persian Heritage has published the following article by Kaveh Farrokh which can be downloaded in full, from Academia.edu: Farrokh, K. (2018). Germania, Vikings, Saxons and Ancient Iran. Persian Heritage, 90, pp.28-30. Below is a select excerpts from the above article: “Professor Christopher I. Beckwith (Professor of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University): “The first-century […]