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Critical Examination of Filiz Çakır Phillip’s Assertions of Iranian Weapons (15th-19th Centuries)

The below article by Dr. Manoucher M. Khorasani was published in the Journal of Islamic Archaeology, Volume 4 (No.2), pp.261-266, 2017. The article provides a critical examination of Filiz Çakır Phillip’s assertions with respect to Iranian striking and thrusting weapons of the 15th to 19th centuries. ====================================================================================== Iranische Hieb-, Stich- und Schutzwaffen des 15.–19. Jahrhunderts […]

Spanish Military History Journal Interview with Kaveh Farrokh

The prestigious Spanish Military History Journal, HRM Ediciones of Historia Rei Militaris published its interview with Kaveh Farrokh on February 12, 2019: Entrevista a Kaveh Farrokh The interview with Kaveh Farrokh was conducted by Spanish historian Dr. Javier Sánchez-Gracia (seated) during the book signing of his recent text “Imperios de las Arenas: Roma y Persia Frente […]

First Balloon Flight over Tehran

After the invention of the balloon and its first recorded flight on November 21, 1783, this early flight technology was to appear in Iran 108 years later in 1891 (Babaie, Gh. [1385/2006], “History of the Iranian Air Force”, page 18), towards the end of the reign of Qajar monarch, Nasser-e-din Shah (1848-1896). Other popular sources […]

Maymand, an Exemplar Manmade-Cave dwelling

The article below “Maymand, an exemplar manmade-cave dwelling” was originally published in the Tehran Times on October 23, 2016. ================================================== Thousands of years before Persepolis – the magnificent Achaemenid ceremonial capital – was made in southern Iran in the fifth and fourth centuries BC, residents of its eastward village named Maymand carved out rocky hillsides […]

Dr. Mohammad Ala Winner of 2018 Cinema Vérité Award

The winner of popular film viewers’ award for the 12th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, known as Cinema Vérité, was presented to Dr. Mohammad Ala, the producer of the documentary movie “The Spider-tailed viper“. Dr. Mohammad Ala receiving the Cinema Vérité Award on December 16, 2018. The award ceremony for the 12th Iran International Documentary […]