Zarathustra and Iranian Culture

Persian-language video documentary by Akbar Moarefi/ اکبر معارفی on the influence of Zoroastrianism on Iranian culture and other world civilizations and religions. This documentary makes references to the Scythians (Saka) and the wider Iranic world. Note also interesting references to topics such as Mithraism.


Part 1: Introduction-قسمت اول – مقدمه


 Part 2: From Nietzsche to Mani-قسمت دوم – از نیچه تا مانی


 Part 3: Religion of Light-قسمت سوم – دین نور-


 Part 4: From Mani to Scythians-قسمت چهارم – از مانی تا سکاها-


  Part 5: From Scythians to Goths-قسمت پنجم – از سکاها تا گاتها-

 Part 6: Hun Invasion  and Expansion of Mithraism-قسمت ششم – حمله هون ها و گسترش آئین میترا-

Part 7: Mithraism and Semitic Religions-قسمت هفتم – آئین میترا و ادیان سامی

Part 8: Birth of Cyrus-قسمت هشتم – تولد کورش-


Iran: Seven Faces of Civilization

This video documentary traces the civilizations of ancient Iran from Elamite times to the Medes, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanians and the post-Islamic era (i.e. Safavids).


Part 1: The Elamites


 Part 2: Medes, Persians Cyrus the Great and Cylinder for Human Rights and Achaemenids


 Part 3: Alexander’s invasion of Persia, ousting of post-Alexandrian Seleucids by Parthian Empire, the Sassanians, Zoroastrianism


Part 4: Post-Sassanian Iran’s contribution to Islamic Civilization


Part 5: Rise of Persian arts, poetry, literaure , Universities and culture



Part 6: The development and Effervescence of post-Islamic Persia


Part 7: The artistic and cultural splendor of Persia


Human Rights Hero Awards of 2010 to Founders of WAALM


The Executive Founders of WAALM and WAALM – SCD, Prof. M. Dorbayani, PhD and his spouse Marjan A. Dorbayani, PhD have been the recipients of the 2010 Human Rights Hero Awards at the 7th Annual International Human Rights Summit in Geneva, the seat of European headquarters of the United Nations. This has been awarded for their outstanding tenacity and dedication in the promotion of human rights to students, artists, writers, scholars and in their success om reaching millions more through the media.

WAALM ‘s ‘School of Cultural Diplomacy provides educational courses, study programmes, seminars, research and strategies to promote international peace, learning, dialogue and human rights.