The “Best History Book of 2008” Award

BashkuchThe World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media (WAALM) supports, develops and promotes the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, inspires practitioners, and benefits the public, by means of awarding events.

The award granted is the Persian Golden Lioness statuette OR Diploma & Gold Medal of Excellence  This year’s awards are to be granted on October 31st , 2008:


This year’s winner for “Best History Book of 2008” (under WAALM’s category of Literature) is Kaveh Farrokh’s “Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War”:


Other highly distinguished winners in the category of literature are:

  • Professors Vesta & John Curtis, OBE, Best Research (Ancient Iran); they have done much to advance the cause of Iranian Studies in archaeology, the British Museum and Academia.
  • Professor Richard Davis for his exemplary Translation of Shahnameh (The book of kings)
  • Mr. Eric Jerpe, nominated as Best Novelist of 2008 for his work in Fiction, “The return of Scheherazade”
  • Ms. Ren A. Hakim, nominated for Best Screenplay of 2008 for her work “Xerxes”
  • Dr. Patrick Hunt

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